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You will not get this process with any other carpet cleaning company. We are committed to offering full-service cleaning that renovates your spaces while being budget-friendly. I have tried several carpet cleaning companies over the years, : but this one tops the cake! We moved into a house with some challenging , stains and I thought I was going to need to replace the carpet in a few areas. The results proved otherwise! The owner is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. The two person crew who cleaned the carpet were also great. Very thorough, courteous and professional. Definitely a five star company and experience! We are family-owned, operated, and focused on quality as well as speed. Our goal is to leave your floors looking clean and you completely satisfied. We understand that every flooring material has unique needs, and our experience and equipment ensure we obtain the best possible results for the longevity of your flooring and the enjoyment of your space. See why we are the top choice when it comes to carpet cleaning in Portland, OR.same day upholstery cleaning near meWe can deep clean your upholstery fabrics no matter what type and how old, worn or dirty they are. Our professional technicians can inspect and evaluate your upholstery and advise you on the expected outcome and any special conditions during the cleaning process. , We handle your upholstery with the utmost care , and also offer protective finishes to enhance the life, beauty and stain resistance of your furniture. Contact Direct Carpet Cleaners to learn how we can clean and restore your upholstery. Residential Carpet Cleaning is designed for the busy Chicago professional who expects a high level of service at a competitive price at flexible times. Whether you are looking for a frequent cleaning or are moving in or out of your new home, Windy City Carpet Cleaning can help. “My carpet cleaning went great. He was punctual and professional. He cleaned 5 rooms and stairs for a great price! Everything looks so clean. He even allowed me to add an extra rug at the last minute. I will be recommending and using him again in the future.”rug cleaner for wool rugs3623.95 It is impractical for a cleaner to perform such a test on all of their cleaning products. An organization called WoolSafe will test products for manufacturers and, if the product passes, will allow them to use the WoolSafe logo. Close</li><li>StyleStyle , We recommend using a hot water extraction method or regular cleanings to remove as much dry particulate as possible. If completed by a trained professional who specializes in wool, like Gallagher’s Rug Carpet Care, you can expect great results. Untrained professionals who cannot properly adjust their process to meet the needs of your carpet can damage your investment. First, we beat out all the loose dirt making it easier to see the problem areas. Then we top that off with front and back vacuuming. This process gets most if not all the loose dirt out of the rug revealing what has become a stain and what hasnt. Then we do our hot water extraction cleaning method. Next, we apply the appropriate cleaning solution to the rug or multiple rugs and let the solution work its magic sucking up deep dirt that you most likely didnt even see. This process even helps fight stains. Then we run our carpet wand over it washing out all the cleaning solutions applied to the rug and dirt and stains come right out with it. Then we hang to dry, and we deliver the rugs back to you! """"""""


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