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July, a Month of Birthday's

July 12, 2018 By Stephanie Tonini

Antique White Vintage Cake Prepared by Stephanie Tonini Photography by Stephanie Tonini

What is in a Month but collective days. Days of the future. Days of remembrance. Present or past my favorite time involves vintage. Antiquing in shipping or refurbishing. So I asked, how about antiquing and creating a vintage style cake? What would this cake mean or stand for? I even asked what brought this to mind? We have quite the month of birthdays in July and throughout the year. Adults, young adults and children... vintage is being of a certain age and old fashioned, of lasting interest and importance.

Vintage is traditionally in relation to the wine obtained from a harvest of grapes, esp in an outstanding good year, referred to by the year involved, the district, or the vineyard. The harvest from which a wine is obtained. Informally, vintage is about a group of people or objects of the same period.

In reference to wine of a harvest and it's giving of an outstanding good year with each birthday. We too become vintage and like a vintage fine wine only get better. As children we dreamed to be older that our youthful selves, surrounded by interesting, creative, learned people, family and friends.

So, being vintage is an experience as well as the experience that I wanted to bring to the cake itself with explosions of fresh lemon, almonds and vanilla, the fresh tang of summer raspberries centered in the middle of all the sweetness.

Antique White Vintage Cake prepared by Stephanie Tonini photography by Stephanie Tonini


"She was as far as age was concerned a little "beyond the Vintage"..."

-Debts of Honor Maurus Tkai

"On the Inside"

-Stephanie Tonini

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